When and Why You Should Have Your Oil Changed?

When was the last time that your oil was changed? While having your oil changed may not seem like the first thing on your list to do, it's imperative to the health of your vehicle to ensure that you're following the recommended mileage intervals between oil changes. Where in days of old it was suggested that you have your oil changed every 3,000 miles, today's vehicles can travel further between oil changes and it's recommended that you have your oil changed between 5,000 and 7,500 miles depending on the type of driving you do. Even if you don't notice any changes in the performance of your vehicle, your motor oil plays a large part in protecting your engine and the oil should be changed routinely to allow your engine to continue performing at the highest level.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

Your vehicle's motor oil has three main functions, all of which have to do with helping your engine reach peak performance day after day. To help you understand the importance of having your oil changed, we're going to outline the three main functions of motor oil and how they can help your vehicle's performance.

  • Protect Your Engine: One of the largest jobs that motor oil plays in your engine's health is protecting it from dirt and debris. Your motor oil is the line of defense between the thousands of moving parts in your engine and the intrusion of dirt and debris affecting the performance of your engine. If you wait too long between oil changes, that dirt and debris can build up, causing your engine to perform less efficiently and eventually stop performing altogether.
  • Lubricate the Many Moving Parts: With so many moving parts in your engine, it's important to make sure they're moving fluidly and without resistance. Your motor oil ensures this by lubricating the many components and keeping them performing the way they should.
  • Cooling the Many Components: Much like lubricating the moving parts, the motor oil also cools them to prevent overheating.

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